All NINA members can submit scientific projects to the NINA steering committee asking for support. Projects from scientists outside of Italy will be evaluated as well.


To ask for NINA support please fill in the form by clicking on the button below. The NINA steering committee will evaluate the project taking into consideration the scientific relevance. It is important that rules for inclusion criteria, ethics approval and authorship are clearly stated. After approval by the NINA steering committee, the project will be officially supported by NINA. The “call for participation” will be published on the NINA website, and sent to all NINA members via email. NINA will forward the names and contact info of interested members to the project leader.

NINA support will be limited to spread the project to members of the group, and will not provide funding. However, NINA support can be used to apply for funding for approved projects.

A feedback by the steering committee will be provided within 60 days. Any delays in the process will be communicated.

Further information can be found in the NINA regulations