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The italian Network for the study of Autoimmune Neurology of the Italian Association of Neuroimmunology.

The field of autoimmune neurology represents a subspecialty of neurology that deals with autoimmune pathologies of the nervous system other than Multiple Sclerosis. The consolidation of this entity derives from the great progress made, in particular, in neuroimmunological laboratory diagnostics, which in recent years has made it possible to identify and characterize new pathologies often accumulated by the presence of autoantibodies. Such diseases include, for example, optic neuromyelitis, a demyelinating disease in differential diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis, and autoimmune encephalitis, complex diseases in differential diagnosis with dementia, schizophrenia, and epilepsy.

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Un portale per un servizio di second opinion per la diagnostica di laboratotia in NMOSD, MOGAD e Miastenia Gravis. Gratuito per pazienti e strutture.

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L’impegno di AINI (Associazione Italiana di Neuroimmunologia) per lo sviluppo nella diagnostica di laboratorio

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