Dr. Maria Pia Giannoccaro MD, PhD

Dr. Maria Pia Giannoccaro MD, PhD
Junior Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences
University of Bologna
Bologna | Italy 

I am a Neurologist and Research Fellow working in the Laboratory of Neuromuscular Pathology and Neuroimmunology of the IRCCS Istituto delle Scienze Neurologiche di Bologna and Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche e Neuromotorie of the Bologna University.

During my PhD, spent as an Honorary Research Fellow in Professor Angela Vincent’s Neuroimmunology lab in Oxford, I investigated the role of antibodies against neuronal and glial proteins in the development of autoimmune encephalitis and other neurological disorders, including epilepsy, narcolepsy, and other sleep disorders.

In my clinical work, I run an outpatient clinic for patients with possible autoimmune neurological conditions, including peripheral and central nervous system disorders. From a research perspective, I run the Neuroimmunology section of laboratory of Neuromuscular pathology dedicated to the diagnosis and understanding of underlying mechanisms of autoimmune neurological disorders.